Sales CRM Software Features with 96+ Advanced Highlights

97+ CRM Software Features to Ease your Daily Work and Activities.

Tranquil CRM Features for Pre – Sales Process: Integrated with Mobile CRM, Pre- Defined Day Plan to Sales Team, Automatic Capturing, and Assigning of Leads. Sending Emails, SMS, Whatsapp Integrated, Units Availability Integration. Generate and Track Quotation /Cost Sheet, Activity Reminders to Phone. View and Track of KPF( Key Performance Factors) / Dialy Performance Tracking of the Employees, Telecaller Automation, and Contact Information Assigning Process. Customized SMS and Email Auto Responders for All Activities. Tranquil provide CRM with customization

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CRM Software Features

Tranquil Sales CRM Software Features

Sales CRM Powerful Dashboard

You have a customized dashboard to get a glance at the squad on the current status of the activities, closures, source wise performance,

Sales CRM User Friendly

Tranquil Cloud CRM Has very advanced and user friendly and Business intelligence with the easy process to help your squad to work with the ease.

Sales Tracking app Smart Notifications

Auto Notifications configured to Mobile and Desktop on the defined Activities, Reminders, Communications, Alerts and Any Reminders

Sales Management system Cost Control

Every company profit depends on Cost control also. You can adequately measure every source, employees and their cost towards getting sale.

CRM in cloud computing Unique Features

Tranquil Sales CRM makes your squad work efficiently and more quickly by using tranquil Cloud CRM Unique Features.

Sales management app Daily Planner

All the scheduled activities for the day will be shown in the Sales CRM Software to for better planning and comfortable access.

Integrated with Mobile CRM Sales Management APP

Tranquil Sales CRM Software incorporate comfortable mobility into your business management. The mobile CRM platform streamlines your daily processes easily

Pre Defined Day Plan to sales tracking app

By using CRM software contented to scheduled the work to the employees' daily bases so that they can focus on their Activity it saves a lot of time

Auto Capturing and Assigning of Leads through best cloud crm

Sales CRM Integrated with API through Portals, Live Chat, Virtual Calls, Website, Mobile Apps for Auto capturing leads along with actions.

Email, SMS, Whatsapp Integrated

On Click of a button, you can send an email, SMS, WhatsApp by selecting a template or direct message through Tranquil Sales CRM Software for contented access

Generate & Track Quotation /Cost Sheet

With the quick access, our Cloud CRM Software has easy quotation creation and cost sheet update provision to send and create quotations in quick time.

Activity Reminders to Mobile Phone

Contacting Customers in a given time is crucial to gain contact trust. Tranquil Sales CRM gives you an Activity reminders to your phone & Desktop

KPF/ Dialy Performance Tracking

For Any Business Key Performing Factors Performance is Crucial. Through Tranquil Sales CRM you can monitor and measure daily performance of sales pipeline.

Telecaller Integration & Assigning

Integration with Telecaller will make your calls assigning process in comfortable step and gets the history of the communications with the customer.

SMS & Email Auto Responders

Auto-Configuration os SMS & Email to buyers on completion of Activity may lead to better customer engagement and interaction with them.

Analyze Performance and cost per sale

What we spend on various sources, resources will be captured and gives you analysis such as source wise, Employee wise cost per sale

File Manager & Marketing collaterals

Manage all Brochures, flyers, any kind of marketing communications through Cloud CRM Software at a click of a button available to all team members

One-Click to Send any files

All the files updated in Tranquil Sales CRM gives you the provision to send an email from your defined email id to customer on click of button to save time

Calls Recording and Play

As an option the call recording option given in Cloud CRM to get stored with all the communications to the customer by all the team members

Projected Sales & Customer Meets

Forecasting of expected sales and customer meetings through Cloud CRM will be easy to analyze and improvise from team members on projected sales & meetings

Enquiry to Booking integrated

From the day we get an enquiry from the customer and when we close the deal, all the communication with the customer stored and integrated in Booking details

Activity Calendar for Planned Activities

Time management is crucial for performance. Through Activity calendar your team can manage the planned activities effectively for better results

Bulk SMS & Bulk Email campaigns

Tranquil Cloud CRM has the provision to upload data in bulk and start sending SMS, email to all the emptors as personalized SMS and emails

Channel Partner Integration

Manage the leads and prospects and display the status of customers if your company dealing with Agents / brokers / channel partners

Analytics, Summary, and Reporting

Many business analytics and summaries are displayed in Cloud CRM Software to make the right decision and also it displays based on reporting manager

Followup Reminders and Tracking

When Followup created for the customer for any defined Activity, you will get the predefined Activity schedule for the day to perform the work

Track reasons for not buying

Gaining prospects are to know the market, lost customers are to getting right feedback on why they didn't choose you for their requirements

Incentive Calculations & Eligibility

Many companies do motivate the sales team by giving incentives to them based on targets. We Given easy process for Incentive calculation & eligibility

Marketing Spent and ROI Calculation

ROI will define your profits on business generated. Through Cloud CRM you can analyze what amount you are spending to gain every sale

SMS, Email, and Remarks Templates

Your team can send right professional predefined templates to your clients for gaining a good reputation with the customer

Bulk Enquiry Upload And Auto Assign Feature

Upload of bulk data and assigning to the team members to engage the customer by making calls, SMS, email marketing through Cloud CRM is as an easy process in Tranquil Sales CRM

Send News Letters in Clickable Image

Given for Marketing Communications for Sending News Letters along with the Clickable option to the mails you are sending to the customers

Employee Cost Per Sale Calculation

Analyze employee cost per sale by calculating salary, incentives paid to them, bonus released to them and also enquiries cost consumed by them

Weekly Prospecting Activity Tgt VS Ach

Planning weekly for lead generation activities and monitor the target and achievements by the team will get better results in a progressive manner

Weekly Sales Activity Tgt VS Ach

Planning weekly for lead progress activities and monitor the target and achievements by the team will get better results in a progressive manner

Activity Ach % and Time Spent %

It is very important to engage the employees on right activities. Through CRM Software you can find how much time they spent on productive activities

Daily Target Vs. Plan VS Ach %

Assign Daily Targets and view the planning created by the sales team and monitor the achieved percentage daily through CRM

Employee Lead Stock summary reports

Understanding the potentiality of the leads stock holding by the employees will give you clarity on what more to work on generating more sales

Product/ Service Wise Leads Summary

You may be dealing with multiple products / services for your business. Summary of product / Service wise leads will give you better control on your focus area

Task Management

Create, Manage, update, assign, reassign and view all the tasks given to team members and check the trailing files related to the task at one place

Track Customers Based on Requirements

You have provision to track the customers based on the requirements given by them and organize your customers and activities

Transfer lead to other Employees

Your team can assign or transfer the leads on click of button between the employees to ease of work and assigning process

Encrypted Contacts for Security

All the customers and employee data updated in CRM is encrypted To create better security for your customer database

Chatter Box to update any comments

Tranquil Sales CRM Has very advanced and user friendly and chatterbox for updating any comment or any other communication with the customers

Track Communication

All the Communications with the customers can be tracked at one single profile page of the customer and can download/View the communications

Post Sales CRM Software Features

Communicate with flexible tools that go where your team goes.

  • Auto Calculation of Sale Details With Taxes
  • Defined Mile Stone Auto Calculations
  • Units Blocking and Un Blocking Process
  • Auto Payment Plan Based on Mile Stones
  • Generate Due Reminders
  • Manage and Track Unit Availability
  • Seller Details and Hierarchy Capture
  • Channel Partners and Hierarchy
  • Project Approval Status
  • Sale Deviation Approval Process
  • Mile Stone Deviation Approval Process
  • Delay Payments Approval
  • Cash Flow Projection
  • Future Payments Projections
  • Customer Documents Management
  • Project Wise Outstanding Summary
  • Step by Step Approval Process
  • Application Check List
  • PDC Collection
  • Payment Collection and Approval
  • Registration Checklist
  • Interest on Delay Payment
  • Cheque Bounce Charges Capturing
  • Unit Shifting Request and Approvals
  • Unit Cancel, Approval and Refund Process
  • Customer Complaints Capture and Resolve
  • Pay Commission on Pro-rata Basis
  • Discounts Capturing and Approvals
  • Delivery Checklist
  • Aging Summary Month by Month
  • Overdue Summary
  • Total Months Collection
  • Bank Outstanding Details
  • Additional Works Tracking
  • Schedule Milestone Payment on click
  • Auto Outstanding Due Letter to Client
  • Manage Application, Sales, Policies
  • Single Console to track project payments
  • 3 Tier Payment Reminders to Customers
  • Payment History in Customer Page
  • Automatic Receipt Acknowledgements
  • Complete Project Wise MIS Report
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