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Integrated Real Estate CRM Software

Tranquil Real estate CRM software is to automate many daily activities to improve sales team productivity and engage your team in selling more properties. It ensures you never miss an opportunity to connect with potential customers with automated communications.

Real Estate CRM Mobile APP Connected

Our Real Estate CRM Software is integrated with APP for Easy communication and work on prospects on the go. Your team can easily access their contacts and make calls, send SMS, emails, WhatsApp, use file manager, and view call history. Your sales force can do activity updates, send site visit reminders, and provide any new updates on the click of a button to prospects. It also connected with your live availability of the units. They can view the available units and create quotations for the prospects.

Lead Integrations

Real Estate CRM is a powerful tool to run your complete operations, starting from managing inquiries through API Integrations from Various sources such as portals, websites, live chat, virtual calls, apps, and landing pages.

Availability Integration

When dealing with properties, it is essential to have access to see the units' availability for an active and productive discussion with prospects. You may have the provision to add or delete the availability from the list. When any prospect shows interest in any unit, you have the blocking option with the condition of the number of days to block the property on that specific buyer for the specified period. It also has the provision to overwrite if any new booking took with approval. The units' total availability will get displayed on the screen along with the available units sold, blocked with different tabs. On mouseover on any specified property, you will see the unit configuration, such as the size of the unit, price per unit, facing, premium, the total amount. On a click, you can download the price break upon your company letterhead in pdf format. If you want to send the price break-up to the prospect, click on a button you have provision to send price break-up to the prospect, and the same will store the purchaser profile page for reference/record.

Activity Reminders:

Follow up with the client at the right time will progress the prospect towards the sale. Real Estate CRM sends activity reminders to your sales force on the scheduled time for the activity. At the same time prospect also gets a reminder, for Instance, client given time for a site visit on Saturday at 11:00 PM. He will get an auto reminder SMS and email on Friday evening and Saturday morning at the defined time.

Real Estate Software Drip Marketing

Drip Campaigns through Real Estate CRM Software:

You may spend a lot of money on generating inquiries to your business. Once lead made, engaging buyers with your multiple products also it is significant to bring the customer to buy your property. Most importantly, customers should get defined information at different time intervals. You may engage the customer by configuring the predefined templates for sending SMS, Emails, and attachments. These communications automated to send based on the activities and actions. For example: Once any customer inquiries with you, then the system will send an automated SMS, email, company profile, project information in different timelines based on the configuration you did. If the customer enquired on Friday, then Saturday 9:00 AM customer will receive an email, and 10:00 AM he receives SMS, on Sunday different email and SMS. Likewise, you may customize to send automated SMS, Emails, attachments to the customer to engage them to bring back to you for buying your property.

KPF (Key Performance Factors):

Time spent by the employees on productive work for many companies is less than 10 percent. This low percentage is because of not tracking or not knowing the team time spent on various activities. Through Real Estate CRM, you can define the Key Performing factors for your team members for the productive work and start tracking the team's daily productivity. For Example: For Real estate companies, productive work is making calls to customers and meeting customers. Apart from this work, whatever the sales team does, it is maintenance work. Through Real Estate CRM Software, you can track individuals' time spent on productive work. That shows in the KPF summary. Based on the summary report, your team may get guidance to perform better on productive work.

Employee Tracking:

Every company wants its sales staff to work at the highest level. For many people in real estate, they may be dealing with multiple projects in multiple locations. Tranquil Real Estate CRM has the feature of real-time employee tracking. It shows the employee's real-time location, and you can have the history of the employee movement for the record. You may be able to view all the employee's present location and previous records during working hours. Managers receive and examine all data on employees' activity for maximum performance and more significant project delivery, exceptionally when it comes to time.

Telecaller Integration:

When a company is handling more leads, they may opt for going tele-caller to make calls to customers and get them to visit the site. All the customers to get contacted will be displayed in the Real Estate CRM Mobile App for Easy contact. On the click of a button, they can call the customer and speak to them. They have provision to send SMS, EMail, and Whatsapp. Real Estate CRM Software integrated with tele-callers for communication transfer and feedback mechanism. All the communications they do with the customers, such as SMS, and Emails will get transferred to the concerned salesperson for a better understanding of the customers.

Customer Assigning Process:

From Lead Generation to Enquiry Assigning is with No time as Real Estate CRM has the customer assigning process configuration. You can configure the project to the employee or round-robin system for equal distribution of inquiries. This auto customer assigning process allows your team members to work on customers with quick turn around time. When your salesperson gets a lead attached, he receives an email and SMS as an alert to contact the customer.

Marketing Automation and Performance through Real Estate Software:

For Generating leads, you may be spending a lot of money. It is essential to spend less and generate more leads. Tranquil Real Estate CRM has marketing performance monitoring based on spent and the results we got from the sources. It has a very detailed view starting from how much we spent, how many leads received, how many lost, visited your site, came for negotiation, and given advance. Apart from these, you will get the cost per lead, cost per sale to understand better ROI From Sources. Every source spent and assigned prospects calculated with the employee lead consumption cost so that you can see which employee performing better with which source.

File Manager:

To Access the centralized folders, files, brochures, marketing collaterals, elevations, floor plans, and many more for various projects available in the File manager. You can add many files to have easy access to all the sales team for sending the right information to the customer. We have a quick email sending option on a click of a button.

Real Estate Marketing Software

Projected Meetings:

Company sales depend on the number of meetings, such as site visits and price discussions. Real Estate CRM shows the number of planned meetings for every salesperson for the coming days. You can view the complete calendar of the activities to understand the progress of the lead. If more meetings not planned, there is a high chance of getting low meets. Real Estate CRM gives insights into lead stock, lead quality, and conversion rate. Based on this, you can train them if your team needs the training to progress the leads.

Activity Calendar:

During Weekends there are meeting clashes many times the sales team faces due to confusion in meeting times. Activity Calendar helps your team check the complete activities in the calendar for the better understanding and planning for the meetings without any clashes. Even they can see the projected meetings daily to strengthen the sales pipeline.

Bulk Campaigns:

For a Lead generation campaign, you may have the data to send SMS and Email. Through Real Estate CRM, you may upload the data and start sending them a "Personalized" SMS and Email. And every SMS and email sent to the customer will be stored in the database; it will get attached once the inquiry created on the same customer. You can create multiple groups for sending bulk SMS and Emails.

Tranquil Profile
Tranquil Profile
crm for agents channel partners

Channel Partner Integration in Real Estate CRM:

Many real estate companies one of the sources for sales in channel partners/agents. Real Estate CRM integrated with channel partners along with the APP. When your channel partner brings any customer, they can add the customer into an APP given to him, and it can avoid customer clashes. Our Real Estate CRM Calculates the commission based on the hierarchy you are mapping, displays the commission eligibility, paid history, to get paid details to make the process easy and transparent.

Incentive Calculations:

For motivating the sales team, many companies offer Incentives to get better results coming in. Real Estate CRM has an auto incentive calculation process to get the incentive calculated for employees and have the provision to enter the paid incentives for the record and see the cost per sale from the employees.

Dropout Summary:

Lead conversion may depend on various pros and cons and vary from projects and builders. When a prospect is not buying from you, it always has the reason for not buying from you. Dropout Summary will tell you what the reasons for your leads are not converting as closures are. There is still a high scope of improvement by analyzing the dropout summary.

Templates Management:

Every communication from your company reflects the image of your company. It is imperative to runthe communications from your sales teams such as SMS, Email, and attachments. Through Templates Management, you can configure various templates for your sales team, so that every communication goes with the proper image.

Bulk Enquiry Uploads:

Some times you may get bulk inquiries coming from other sources. If you want to upload in bulk and assign the leads to your sales team, you have provision to upload through Excel format. It is effortless to update bulk inquiries and assign customers to sales staff for the contact.

Transfer Leads:

You can transfer leads from one employee to another employee in simple steps. In this process, all the previous history will get retained for future reference. Only Leads will get transferred to another employee for progress. This option is useful when an employee left the organization and new person handling the customers; he can always refer all the communications history such as calls, SMS, Email, Whatsapp, price calculations, attachments sent, activity history, etc.,

Bookings/Sales Management throughr Real Estate Software:

After-sale confirmed you could manage all the sold customers in bookings and sales management. There is a provision for adding all the details, addresses, purchase details, seller details, and more. We have an auto-calculation of payment schedules and taxes. I just need to enter the purchase details. We have an option to send for approval with the price cap. After approval, only it considers as the sale. This process is to make an error-free process.

Real Estate Lead Management Software

Auto Payment Schedule & Status through real estate crm:

Through Real Estate CRM, you can streamline your payments and receivables by creating and storing a detailed receivable schedule with the customer name. These schedules will trigger when it is due to collect. These dues consolidated gives you a summary of outstanding form the customers. Through Real Estate CRM, you can track the expected status.

Customer MIS:

Every customer has a different profile page after purchase. This page consists of all his information, purchase details, seller details, payment schedules, documents, booking details, paid history, activity history, property shifting details, cheque bounces, if any, PDC gave details, and more. Its a centralized database for all communications related to customers, and it is available to display with access granted by the admin.

Automated agreements:

Through Real Estate CRM, your team can create an agreement of sale, sale deads on a single click. As per the draft copy created by you, it will come as a template to create any documents without any staff hours spent on this activity.

Real Estate Customer Booking Management

Demand letters:

When the amount due from bank or customers, you may need to send demand letters for getting the due amount disbursed. Your team can create the demand letters, it is with the single click you will get demand letter created and sent to customer and banker in pdf format along with the complete schedules, paid details, and current due amount to disburse.

Documents management:

After booking takes place, all the documents related to the customer will get stored in one single place. Any signed or unsigned document can get saved, and it is available when you are in search of that particular document. You may sell booking signed copy, agreement of sale, sale deed, shifting request, transfer request, cancel requests, approvals, and many more. We do have other features like discounts capturing and approvals, handover checklist, automatic receipt acknowledgments, complete Project Wise MIS Report.

Due reminders:

Getting payment from customers on time is not an easy task for Indian real estate companies. Through Real Estate CRM, when the customer is due for payment, the system automatedly sends due reminder email and SMS to customers until they make the payment. This process is automated, and it works very effectively for increasing the cash flow to the company on time.

Cash Flow Projection:

Based on the sales and project progress, you can project the cash flow from the sold customers for various milestones and all the projects associated with your company. It just clicks away to see the projects of daily future cash flows to plan accordingly.

Shifting, Transfer Process:

After the purchase, some customers may change the plan and come to the transfer/shifting request. We gave provision in our Real Estate CRM Software, and On a click, you have the rule to shift or transfer the property and store the history in the customer profile for future record purposes.

Cancel and Refund Process:

Due to some reasons, customers may cancel the booking of their property. At the time, you may need to release the unit for sale and update the cancellation charges and proceed for the refund process. Our Real Estate CRM Software has the rule for Cancelation on a click, enters the cancellation charges, and sends for approval. After approval, you may add the refund schedules to the customers to come to you as a reminder for the repayment. They are considering that some builders are too good to refund the amount quickly.

Customer Complaints:

After the purchase of property, some customers may come with some complaints related to miscommunications, property-related issues, handover issues, loan issues, and more. All the claims stored on the customer page will allow you to assign a concerned person for resolving the issue.

How To Choose The Perfect Real Estate CRM Software

Communicate with flexible tools that go where your team goes.

Not a Fancy Stuff, Should be Logical and Useful Features for real estate crm software

Getting Software for your real estate business can be an overwhelming task. There are many realtor CRM systems available in today's marketplace, and tranquil real estate software is the best Software in India to choose when you look at real estate CRM Comparison. Here are the significant features available with tranquil real estate software to excel in your business. Tranquil real estate software is one of the best Real Estate CRM for real estate developers.

Find out Your Needs First

While choosing Software, it is essential to make a clear and concise list of your needs before you begin to look at Vendors. It would be good to find a white label real estate CRM software that is industry-specific with tools and features designed to address your cloud-based crm Real Estate CRM business requirements. Tranquil real estate software made in India, is the best Real Estate CRM for property management. When you are looking for the best real estate CRM for realtors or top Real Estate CRM for realtors, try to involve upper management in the evaluation process. Lack of involvement from the senior level in the analysis process may lead to poor acceptance and consumer adoption.

Should Keep your options open for Future Needs

Contrary to popular belief, there are more than just three or four primary vendors providing Real Estate CRM Software, and Real Estate CRM Software Company is one of them. Too many businesses have an uncanny knack of opting for a solution based on the brand name. Instead, you should consider the options that are going to meet your specific business, and transaction management needs best. And it should have an opportunity to enhance based on your requirements in coming future.

Compare the Real Estate CRM Vendors

Real Estate CRM comparison is something that you should do before software purchase. Tranquil real estate CRM Company has domain knowledge for 15+ years and has experience in implementing many companies successfully across the Globe. You should pick those companies that have a good track record of providing outstanding customer service. It's worthwhile to consider the vendor's reputation. While checking the vendors offering solutions, it is essential to know whether they can prove to be the right partner for your business. The vendor should have long-term stability to encourage and enhance the solution in the future. Investing or implementing Real Estate CRM Software in your business is an investment for business growth, not an expenditure.

Think About the Whole cost of your Real Estate Software

You should know the entire cost of ownership of your software purchase. Apart from the software costs, the prices can include hardware, implementation, internal and external project resources, maintenance, integration, customization, training, services, upgrades, etc. Whether you require a turnkey solution or customized system is dependent upon your selection.

Select Real estate Broker CRM

With the growing popularity of cloud computing, it's no wonder why many businesses are going for the cloud-based real estate CRM software. Hence, over recent years, there has been the aggressive adoption of Real estate Cloud software, and bringing information in and out of this cloud is growing more than ever before. Real Estate CRM is a real estate broker CRM and integrated with Android app.

How a Real Estate CRM helps your employees in setting up the pitch?

1. Build your leads: The game starts with the procedure for collecting prospects. And to achieve this task, email marketing and lead production divisions deploy various strategies. Some of them include offline and online marketing campaigns, email campaigns, social media posts, website optimization, collecting references, etc. Listing properties on property portals and cooperating with property bloggers will also be prominent sources of collecting leads.

As soon as you have the lead, you can arrange them in the right format with the guidance of Property base software. Customer management is necessary to allow contact information to the salesperson. Moreover, it is possible to easily direct contacts if you're able to get them in a defined format. You might even examine the complete lead conversion cycle from the top real estate CRM systems.

2. Personalized Interaction with Customers: The communication starts once the lead comes in. The application notifies you of the generated prospects, letting you split the ice. Now, you can use the automatic reacting system, or either you can customize conversations. The latter would be a preferable choice if you managed by making a smooth user experience to the clients through real estate CRM solutions.

Since the Tranquil real estate application keeps you notified of the complete lead conversion cycle, you can curate customized messages. For example, if you come across a property using a sprawling lawn, you can notify the customers regarding this property. The Software will assist you in preparing the message and sending it at the right time. Moreover, it will maintain a comprehensive record of customer interactions.

3. Automating Workflows: The primary aim of this program is automating workflows. Automating workflow is helpful for the salespersons since they may alter their focus on cultivating relationships with the clients free and discover ways to close sales.

4. Retarget current Clients: According to research, there's a 60-70 percent chance of selling to an existing client. Obviously, who buys properties again and again (unless it's for investment goal )? But your customers may purchase in the future, or they might behave as referrals. Therefore, it's vital to maintaining a relationship with your past customers.

5. Reporting & Feedback: Tranquil real estate software and Commercial Real Estate CRM allows you to monitor performance, estimate revenue forecasts, identify weak points, repeat responsibilities, and make data-driven decisions. It enables you to measure, analyze, and respond, for example, you can quantify email campaign achievement rates, explain the factors which can be enhanced (like subject lines, time of email, etc.), and respond accordingly to maximize conversions.

The reporting feature generates insightful reports that allow you to make quick decisions. And if you would like more information, you can ask for feedback from your customers. Send them emails, or request them to leave an overview of your website. There are many ways to gather valuable feedback, which will ultimately help you in improving your work methodology.

6. Prepare for conversions: If you believe you have not been utilizing the full potential of the software, then it is time to tighten the seat belt. Accustom yourself using the tranquil real estate software and reap maximum benefits in the long term.

It is of utmost importance to ensure that the functions and features of the solution you are purchasing are compatible with your system. Including assessing browser compatibility, OS compatibility, server compatibility, etc.. By adhering to the steps mentioned above, you will be on a business footing to ultimately pick the right solution for your company.

Tranquil real estate software offers multiple functionalities and should examine its particular real estate CRM features that can be effective in maximizing its benefits for the business.

Real Estate CRM Program configuration

The Real Estate CRM program needs to be easily configurable, simple to use, and educate individuals on and ought to have rich attributes towards assisting the organization with sales, advertising, and information management. The application also needs to be readily integrated with the current solutions and should be economical to set up and use. It should have the most recent safety and availability features and the great after sales copy and service. The above pointers may utilize as reference points towards selecting the best Real Estate Software for your requirements, whether you're a small business buyer or an enterprise purchaser.

How Real Estate CRM Software helpful for Builders and Real Estate CRM for Hirarchy wise agents?

Real Estate CRM is regressing as the most reliable Software for agents towards analyzing and strategizing pre-sales and post-sales buyer data, communications, and interactions with real estate builders. Tranquil real estate software property management solution Real Estate CRM also works as automation software, comes in Desktop, android app for ease of use for an agent. It facilitates real estate builders to explain their strategies towards property enhancement, customer satisfaction, and maintenance and enhancing agent/employee productivity. Most of the companies are spontaneously using to automatize their CRM activities.

Real Estate CRM comes with many useful features such as Availability Integration, Pre-sales, and Post-sales modules, Project management, Call, SMS, Email, Whatsapp Integration, File Manager for Sending Brochures & Flyers. Activity Calendar, Channel Partner Integration, and management, Auto Responders for all the activities, KPF/ Dialy Performance Tracking, Employee Performance, Weekly Performance, Monthly Performance, Telecaller Integration, Activity Reminders to phone, Daily Activity Schedules Source Wise Performance, Cost Per sale Analysis Incentive Calculations, Auto Due Reminders to Clients, Project Wise Summary, Projected Inflows, Task management.

Real estate buying and selling are among the personalized and high-value financial choices that one needs to make. The real estate agents invest a significant quantity of resources and time to generate leads, which can translate into actual sales. Real Estate CRM can catch and store buyer information, interactions, and shared data and reports. Real Estate CRM may also automate lots of sales, marketing, and customer engagement and support workflow procedures.

How Real Estate CRM Software useful for Lead conversions?

How that you handle your leads determines the conversion rate of your sales team. Many companies may lose their prospects because of inadequate follow-ups and communication with their clients. Real Estate CRM platform has many automated processes such as auto inquiry SMS & Email, auto-messages on every activity by the team, activity reminders in the phone, day schedules (The activities planned for the day, and many more. You might have the best collection of properties, an active sales group, and an advanced marketing group.

But if you fail to nourish leads in the desired manner, you'll lose the sales. And this is why you need to invest in real estate CRM software for handling purchaser journeys, right from acquiring a lead to closing and delivery or handover of unit.

Essential Features of Real Estate CRM for Real Estate Agents

Dependent on the exact nature and requirements within the real estate businesses, Real Estate CRM can be significantly customized. However, there are a few essential features that Tranquil real estate software customer relationship management built.

Those are:

Marketing Automation Of This On-Ground SalesForce: Real Estate CRM aimed at preventing duplication of efforts between a salesperson and as well as the targeted buyer. A valid Real Estate CRM can automatically track the connections and follow-ups involving the client and the business. If, at a later point, another salesperson has to take up the lead forward, he/she already has sufficient information to refer the client along with the other interaction regarding the sales pitch.

Automatize The Client's Contacts: Real Estate CRM can be beneficial in reducing the call center executives' task. It is possible by using template messaging, which may help in handling client queries and provide information, particularly the ones that are requested more often. There are lots of real estate CRM tools that can decrease the call times and produce clientele support efficient and predictable.

The Use Of Location-Based Service: Real Estate CRM has technologies for creating location-specific marketing and advertising campaigns. All these are based on the client's physical location and monitored through GPS software. Such geolocation technologies may also utilize location-based networking or consumer contact management.

Automation Of Marketing Campaigns And Strategies: Real Estate CRM can analyze and monitor clientele behavior and automatically deliver certain communications that target clients' requirements or queries.

Sale Forecasting And Analytics: Real Estate CRM will assist the Real Estate lead management sellers in inventing a mutually arrived sale prediction hence specifying the metric to assess whether the operation has matched that the efforts place. The analysis of the hard information of the past sales campaigns may also determine the future strategy.

Real Estate CRM Software: The Ultimate Convenience

A lot of people utilize Real Estate CRM to deal with seller leads. A Real Estate CRM is a software program typically used to organize and govern customers for an organization.

Real Estate CRM Customized for manufacturing can satisfy the particular challenges and supply custom solutions for the business. You should have a specific Real Estate CRM in the real estate industry needs if you would like to fulfill the users' demands.

Real Estate CRM ultimately can help to find the best returns as it assists a group of consumers, or even potential clients and improves sales and growth. Everybody knows that Real Estate CRM stands for buyer relationship management regarded as the significant factor beneficial in achieving a considerable client base throughout the market.

By the steps as mentioned earlier, you will have the ability to select the perfect Real Estate CRM for you.

Advanced planning, strategy, & execution through Real Estate CRM Software

Prospecting activity: Daily, monitor the prospecting activity, which is involved in generating new prospects for the business by various sales personals. This activity helps you understand how your team is feeding the right number of new opportunities for future business.

Sales Activity: For generating more business or sales, it is essential to perform activities consistently to achieve goals.

Tranquil real estate software CRM sales activity process helps you to understand daily, how the sales team is performing the sales activities such as phone calls, follow-ups, site visit follow-ups, site visits, negotiations and expected sales conversion.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Performance: Measuring and understanding performance is significant to get more results from the team. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Performance matrix helps management or organization to know where to focus more and which employee needs more training to get better results for the organization.

Real estate CRM Software, Made in India

What makes you the best choice for the people to buy the property with you is the service and communications with the emptors. Through Real Estate CRM, it makes you comfortable and automates your interactions with the customers with predefined templates and auto integrations of activities. It's an end-to-end software that agents, builders, realtors use to control multiple properties. It is for leads, automate daily sales or booking operations, project management, and generating intelligent dynamic reports that provide real-time insights through Real estate CRM.

Know Tranquil Real Estate CRM Pricing

Get ready to discover all the benefits and features of our amazing Builders CRM Software.

How Real Estate CRM Software helps your employees in setting up the pitch for your conversions?.

  • Build your leads
  • Personalized Interaction with buyers.
  • Automating Workflows
  • Retarget current Clients
  • Reporting & Feedback
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